Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ulta Nail Prints - Skull Print (no name)

Last year around this time I was obsessed with nail polish strips. They were a relatively new thing, and I thought they were sooo cool, I just couldn't get enough! Fast forward a year later - and I hardly ever use them. I still have half shoe box full of different brands (mainly Sally Hansen), but I stumbled upon this no name skull print one from Ulta, and I figured now's as good a time as any to use it! I will say that the Ulta strips are not as good as the Sally Hansen ones, but they weren't completely terrible either. 

I didn't put any topcoat over these, because topcoat doesn't always agree with the strips and can sometimes cause shrinkage.

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Direct Sunlight:

Indirect Sunlight:


I purchased these last year from Unfortunately they are no longer available, but don't fret, the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips are much better quality so you're better off buying them anyway.

My random song of the night is "And I'm Aching" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (aka BRMC), such a silly name for such a great band..

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  1. I love the design. I didn't think Sally hansen had similar ones but I'll have to check them out :)