Sunday, October 21, 2012

F4 Polish - Hocus Pocus

This is a really cool Halloween glitterbomb filled with teeny tiny hexes of matte black, matte green, holographic purple, holographic pink, and chartreuse all in a clear base. It's like a Halloween version of Floam (with the exception of the holographic glitters). Application was great - not too thick or too thin. It's not as densely packed as Floam, and you could easily layer it over a base color. 

This is 4 coats of Hocus Pocus topped with 1 coat of Gelous, & 1 coat of Essie Good To Go.

Click on any pic to enlarge :)

Indirect Sunlight:

Direct Sunlight:

Clear vs. blurred - check out that holographic goodness!


I purchased this bottle from the F4 Polish Etsy page - they didn't have minis listed so I asked them if they could make me some (I picked Hocus Pocus, Glitz Cloud, & Square Dance) and they very kindly obliged. Plus I love the rhinestones that they use on their bottles!

You can check out F4 Polish's Facebook page here :)

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