Friday, October 5, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Lite Brite

Now for the fun part - the glitter!! The moment I saw this polish I instantly loved it. Lite Brite was one of my favorite toys as a kid, so just looking at this bottle makes me happy! It doesn't disappoint on the nail either! It has large hexes of fuchsia & holographic yellow, medium hexes of red, orange, & blue, squares of purple & green, and itty bitty hexes of holographic silver. So very awesome!

This is 2 dabbled coats of Lite Brite over Barry M Grey, followed by 1 coat of Gelous, & 1 coat of Essie Good To Go.

**The large fuchsia hexes had some slight curling & needed an additional coat of Gelous & Essie to make them completely smooth.

Outdoors, overcast:

and the macro!:

As a side note.. I think it's worth mentioning that this polish was difficult to remove. Even with the foil method, I still had pieces of glitter that did not want to come off (and I use 100% acetone). But with patience & persistence they eventually did. Next time I'll use the PVA/Elmer's glue base coat to avoid this problem!

I purchased Lite Brite off of Lush Lacquer's Etsy page. Check them out on Facebook as well :)

..and of course I just had to post this!:

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  1. Omg I was excited as soon as I saw the name lol. It's so colorful!!!

    1. Me too! They did a great job of interpreting Lite Brite into polish!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! :D I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I wore this!