Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Black Cat Lacquer - Paranormal

Another cool Halloween inspired polish from Black Cat Lacquer! This one is filled with opalescent/iridescent medium sized squares and tiny hexes in a glow in the dark base. I chose to layer it over a light base color because glow in the dark polishes tend to work better that way.. and it did! (see pic further down). A beautiful subtle glitter by day, and totally awesome by night! :D

This is 2 coats of Paranormal over Kleancolor Pastel Yellow (which can be seen by itself at the end of this post), followed by 1 coat of topcoat.

There was no sun in sight today, so I had to take pics indoors. Unfortunately I've got severe lobster hands in some of these photos (I swear they didn't look that way in person!).

Click on any pic to enlarge :)

No flash, under artificial light:

With flash:

I held my hand under a lamp for about a minute to "charge" the polish, then took this picture in total darkness by adjusting my camera's exposure to it's highest/longest setting:
pretty cool, eh? ..though it was brighter in person.

Kleancolor Pastel Yellow is.. you guessed it - a pastel yellow. This polish was a pain in the butt to apply. I ended up doing 4 coats just to get it looking smooth and streak free.

No flash, under artificial light:

With flash:

I purchased Paranormal from the Black Cat Lacquer Etsy page, and the Kleancolor from Amazon.com (it came in a multi-pack of pastels).

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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