Friday, October 19, 2012

Black Cat Lacquer - Ice Truck Killer

Another awesome glitterbomb from Black Cat Lacquer! This one is jam packed with hexes of various sizes & vibrant colors including red, orange, yellow, & green, and purple shards all in a clear base. It's yet another polish that reminds me of Autumn leaves changing color, so it's perfect for this season, though honestly I can see myself wearing this year round! It's absolutely beautiful. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the name, which was inspired by the TV show Dexter. Here is Black Cat Lacquer's description from their Etsy page: "Part of our Darkly Dreaming collection, Ice Truck Killer is inspired by the colors of the dismembered hand of Dexter's & Brian's mother." Gruesome indeed. I'm just gonna go ahead and keep imagining those Autumn leaves instead..

This is 3 dabbled coats of Ice Truck Killer, followed by 1 coat of Gelous, & 1 coat of Essie Good To Go.

It was raining all day today so all of the following pics were taken indoors under artificial light. 

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I purchased this bottle from the Black Cat Lacquer Etsy page for $9. Check out their Facebook page as well :)

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of Dexter, won't even watch it actually, just ugh, too much for me. That is an awesome glitter though.

    1. Same here, I can't handle anything gory. I basically bought this polish because I'm a sucker for rainbow glitters!