Saturday, January 5, 2013

Once Upon A Polish - Queen of Hearts

This is the final Alice In Wonderland themed polish that I have to show you guys. This one happens to be bitter sweet because the Esty shop I bought this from no longer exists, but it's such a cool polish that I didn't want to not share it. 

Queen of Hearts is a pretty glitterbomb that has red & black hearts, and hexes of gold, white, & black, all in a clear base. I did have to do quite a bit of fishing to get the hearts out, but I don't mind that. I then placed them where I wanted them by using a toothpick (unfortunately I wasn't as gentle as I should have been & some of the color, particularly the red, got scratched off a little bit). It wasn't so noticeable in person, but of course the camera magnifies every flaw! I'm still really happy with how it ended up looking.

This is 1 dabbed coat (with some extra fishing/placing) of Queen of Hearts over my "Not Too Shabby" franken (which can be seen by itself here), with 3 coats of topcoat.

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With flash:

Doesn't the Queen of Hearts' face resemble Fred Flinstone? Ha!
photo source:

I purchased this from the Once Upon A Polish Etsy page. Unfortunately, that seller has since closed up shop. However, I noticed recently that Hit Polish released a Queen of Hearts polish that is somewhat similar (it's sold out at the moment but Rachel is very good with restocking), here is the link to see what it looks like:

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