Friday, November 16, 2012

Mother Nature can be a real bitch..

I deeply apologize for my absence. As I mentioned on my Facebook page, because of Hurricane Sandy I was without electricity for 14 days (from 10/29 to 11/11) and was unable to do much of anything. I live on Long Island, NY and the storm hit us pretty bad. Luckily me & my family are alright, and nobody I know was was hurt. The only damage we sustained was a rather large fallen tree limb (that took many other branches down with it) in the backyard, and thankfully, it did not hit the house. Many people had far worse things happen, so I'm extremely grateful that was not the case for us.

The following story is my personal experience with Hurricane Sandy & what happened in the days to follow.. 

The storm hit on Monday Oct. 29th. & we lost electricity almost immediately. The winds were 70-80 mph, and I swear we saw some cyclones. That night the sky kept flashing blue - I'm not sure if it was lightning or some other form of electricity but it was very frightening, and unlike anything I've ever seen before.

Being without electricity for such a prolonged period of time was beyond frustrating. I've never realized how heavily I depend upon it in my day to day life. I felt like we were living in The Dark Ages. No lights, no T.V., no Netflix, & of course, no internet. Nothing but the radio to keep us entertained.. and the radio leaves a lot to be desired. We also had no heat - and therefore no hot water. I'm an obsessively clean person & not being able to shower was killing me. Eventually I gave in.. have you ever taken a shower in ice water? I did.. and it was not fun. I don't recommend it at all. 

Then to make matters worse, we got a North Easterner (aka Nor' Easter') on Wednesday Nov. 7th. This storm was only supposed to be rain, but because of the quickly declining temperatures it turned into a snow storm. Actually it was more of an ice storm. So it's 20 degrees outside & the ground is covered in snow & ice and we still have NO HEAT! It was so cold we could actually see our breath when we spoke - and this was indoors!! Insane. Even Holden (my Westie) was shivering, so I put on his sweater & wrapped him in blankets to warm him up. At this point I had this horrible thought that we might not make it. I know it sounds morbid, but I truly believed there was a strong possibility we might all freeze to death. Thankfully, I was wrong.

In the next few days the temperatures started increasing, and the snow & ice melted. But we still had no electric. Finally on the night of Nov. 11th we got it back! And there was much rejoicing!!

So that's why I've been away for awhile. I was so bummed that I didn't get to share this awesome post that Michelle from Things I Love At The Moment did where she gave a shout out to my blog in her October Monthly Favorites (you can check it out here)! I was so psyched because I love her blog & to find out she loves mine as well was mind blowing! Thanks again Michelle!! <3

Plus I didn't get to finish swatching all the Halloween polishes I bought this year (I think I may have gone overboard..), but I'm hoping to do that soon.

This past week I've just been trying to return to normality, but it's going slow. Hopefully by next week things will be back to normal here on the blog. Until then, I will leave you guys with some pics of what my backyard currently looks like...

branches, branches, everywhere

really happy this big boy didn't land on the house!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you, your family and Holden are allright. The last really heavy storm in my country was in 1999, and where I live it wasn't really that bad, so I can't imagine how it feels to sit and wait not knowing how bad it will be.

  2. Wow! To go so long without heat or hot water or electricity is challenging at best & craptastic at the worst! It sure levels the playing field between modern technology & Mother Nature. Kudos to you & your family for coming out the other end alive & as well as one can expect having been put through all that!
    I've pretty much lived in southern coastal towns & have endured a few hurricanes myself. It's so darn cute when folks say stuff like "well at least you have time to prepare for it". Well yeah, that's a fact, but still, nothing prepares you for the emotional part of it. Fear, anxiety, terror, demise, etc - how do you prepare for that?
    Here's hoping you guys have a great holiday season full of super boring weather with no wacky rogue storms &/or snowmaggedons!

  3. Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate your kind words & understanding.