Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mystique Nail Appliques - Tee Time

I feel really bad about this, but I must be honest so here goes.. these nail appliques are awful. I've used many appliques before (Sally Hansen, Kiss, NCLA) and these are the worst by far. I can't complain too much because I got them for free, but I just wanted to warn the rest of you out there who might be contemplating buying them. For starters, they don't go on smoothly. I applied them as directed and tried everything to smooth them out, but there were still bumps sticking up, and boy, were they sharp! Sharp enough to cut yourself with. After scratching myself with them a few times, I'd had enough. Luckily they did come off easily with pure acetone. It's a shame because the design was quite pretty.

Indoors, with flash:

See the sharp bits sticking up?

I feel bad because this company, Mystique, sent me these probably thinking I'd give them a good review.. but I just can't lie or sugar coat things. That's just not my style. If you're looking for good quality nail appliques (or strips or stickers) I highly recommend Sally Hansen Salon Effects or Kiss Nail Dress - they are both awesome!!

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