Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Color Club - Wild and Willing

I first noticed this polish in Harmon a few weeks ago. It caught my attention right away with it's sparkly goodness, but I didn't buy it. However I did come home and Google it to see some swatches. Well well well, that was when I found out that not only does this polish look pretty when worn by itself, it looks ten times more awesome when layered over black. In fact, it's pretty much a dead on dupe of Orly's Space Cadet!! Which I was totally thrilled about because that has been on my lemming list for a few months now. In my humble opinion this polish is actually better because it can be worn 2 different ways for 2 completely different looks. And the very best part? It only cost me 4 bucks!!

 In the first 2 pictures the index & middle finger have 1 coat of Wild and Willing over Jordana Black, the ring finger has 2 coats over black, and the pinkie has 2 coats by itself.

Outdoors, shade:

Indoors, without flash:

In the rest of these pictures it is 2 coats of Wild and Willing over Jordana Black.

Outdoors, shade:

Outdoors, sunlight:

I'm totally loving this polish!! The sparkle and shine that it gives off even in low lighting is brilliant. I think I can honestly say that Color Club is my absolute favorite brand!

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