Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kleancolor - Pastels, and Revlon - Whimsical

Sorry it's been over a week since my last mani post. I've been feeling sick for awhile but it culminated on Wednesday night, and I ended up spending 9 hours in the ER. Ugh. It turns out I have Gallstones and I'm going to have to have my Gallbladder removed probably next week ( I haven't made the appointment yet because I'm totally dreading it). Anyways, I had naked nails for a few days and to make up for lost time I ended up doing a kind of fancy manicure! Hope you like it!

With flash..

Without flash..

And here are the polishes I used..
Kleancolors Pastels, Barry M Mint Green, Kiss Nail Striper in Silver Glitter, Revlon Whimsical, & Essie Go To Go Topcoat.

Thanks for stopping by!

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