Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tough As Nails Lacquer - Go Sit On A Egg

Go Sit On A Egg is a yellow tinged white crelly loaded with hexes of gold, orange, & yellow. When I first read the name of this polish I thought it was a grammatical error, but I was relieved to find out that was purposely done. The creator herself said:"The poor grammar is intentional, and "Go Sit On A Egg" doubles as a lacquer and a great phrase that a beloved in-black-and-white child actor muttered in one of my favorite television series." Since I didn't get the reference, I had to Google it - and what I found was very cute indeed (I've linked the video at the bottom of this post). Application was good - I used a combination of dabbing & regular brush strokes. I will admit I'm not in love with the color, but this polish gets huge points for originality in my book!

This is 3 coats of Go Sit On A Egg with 2 coats of topcoat.

Click on any pic to enlarge :)

Direct sunlight:

Indirect sunlight:

I purchased this from the Tough As Nails Lacquer Etsy page as part of The Breakfast Combo No. 1 (along with The Baconian Method) for $10.

Check out Tough As Nails Lacquer on Facebook here & her blog here.

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