Thursday, August 16, 2012

Polished Perfection - Satellite of Love

Sometimes you just have to buy a polish because of it's name. This was the case for me with "Satellite of Love". The moment I saw that Polished Perfection had come out with an MST3K line I just knew I had to buy some! For those of you who don't know MST3K (also known as Mystery Science Theater 3000) was a TV show from the late 80's into the 90's. The characters in the show watch really lame old movies and make fun of them as they go along. The Satellite of Love is the name of the spaceship that the show takes place on (did I mention it's Sci-Fi Comedy?). If you're a fan of sarcasm you have to see this show!! It no longer plays on TV, but luckily it's available on Netflix! This polish also makes me think of the Lou Reed song of the same name. That song (which came out in 1973) was most likely the inspiration behind the spaceship name in MST3K. I put that song and the show's theme song at the bottom of this post if you want to check them out!

This is 1 large dabbled coat of "S.O.L." over Zoya Myrta, followed by 1 coat of Gelous, and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. The glitters in S.O.L. tend to sink to the bottom of the bottle, so to combat this I left the bottle upside down until I was ready to use it - and it worked like a charm!

Outdoors, shade:

Outdoors, sunlight:

and the incredible macro!:

As you can see it's full of silver/holographic hexes of various sizes, diamonds, squares, bars and even the occasional rectangle! I can officially say I'm in love with Satellite of Love! ..heehee.

Check out Polished Perfection's Etsy page! Her polishes are currently only $4 for a full sized bottle!! :D

And finally.. here are the 2 songs that keep playing in my head whenever I look at this polish!:

MST3K theme song:

Lou Reed - Satellite of Love:

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  1. Cuuute! :D

    Would you like to join our nail challenge? :D

  2. I would be sooooooo tempted to try a ton of coats and try to get it as full coverage as possible ! Like totally crazy toes that peep outta shoes with this polish on it what immediately comes to mind :)