Monday, March 3, 2014

Indie Polish spam!

*Provided for review*

Hey guys! Tonight I have some more beauties from Indie Polish to show you! Formula on all of these was great, easy to work with & a pleasure to apply. I have yet to be disappointed by any of Tanya's polishes!

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'A Rose By Any Holo Name' - 2 coats alone & 1 coat over black + topcoat. Small rose colored hexes mixed with micro silver holo hexes in a clear base. Consistency is on the thick side, but in a good way, making opacity easy to achieve without being goopy. So sparkly, it's mesmerizing! 

'Better Than Sex' - 3 coats with & without topcoat. Burgundy base with a subtle orange & purple shimmer. Dries matte. Adding topcoat gives it that lit from within look!

'Turquoise Seas' - 3 coats alone & 1 coat over black + topcoat. Turquoise jelly base with small & micro silver holo hexes & blue flakes!

'Sparkle Motion' - 2 coats over black + topcoat. Small & medium iridescent hexes in a clear base. Could be layered over any color! Plus I love the Donnie Darko reference!

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