Sunday, December 22, 2013

Novel Nail Polish

It's a miracle! I'm actually doing a blog post! I don't think I've done this in like 6 months.. shame on me. To be honest, once I discovered Instagram everything changed. It became so much easier to just post my pix on there, that I got bored of blogging & let it go. But lately I've been wanting to get back into it again.. so here goes!

Monica from Novel Nail Polish recently sent me some polishes for review. She is super sweet & makes the most amazing thermal polishes! I posted them on Instagram last week, but I love them so much I just had to post them on here as well! Formula was great on all of them. Some of the larger glitters require a little bit of fishing, but that is to be expected. Overall, these polishes are a pleasure to work with!

'Sweet Treats'. 2 coats + topcoat. A nude crelly that has a slight golden shimmer to it & a mix of brown, red, green, copper, & yellow glitters, as well as red hearts! It reminds me of gingerbread men which is totally appropriate since this polish comes with the option of adding a gingerbread scent!  

'Always A Lady'. 2 coats + topcoat. A shimmery jelly thermal loaded with iridescent blue micro flakes, as well as white hex & square glitter. Goes from light coral-pink when warm to a darker hot Barbie-esque pink when cold. It also glows yellow in the dark!

 'Midnight Mayhem'. 3 coats + topcoat. Shimmery jelly thermal loaded with iridescent blue micro flakes & a mix of hot pink, silver, chartreuse, & blue glitters, as well as holo silver skull glitter! Goes from an opalescent light gray when warm to dark gray when cold. Also glows blue/purple in the dark!

'Candy Cane Binge'. 2 coats + topcoat. Shimmery jelly thermal loaded with white micro flakes as well as red, white, & silver glitters. Goes from white when warm to red when cold. Also comes with the option of adding a peppermint scent!

'Elf Yourself'. 2 coats over Essie 'Go Overboard' + topcoat. Awesome glitter topper loaded with shimmer & micro flakes, as well as Christmas trees, jingle bells, & candy cane glitters! Had to fish out some of the larger glitters, but it's totally worth it!

'Christmas Cheer'. 2 coats + topcoat. Gorgeous shimmery jelly thermal loaded with white micro flakes as well as red, black, green, white, & gold glitters. Goes from white when warm to green when cold. 

'It's Elf'n Cold Outside!'. 1 coat over OPI 'Dating A Royal' + topcoat. Beautiful glitter topper loaded with iridescent shimmer & micro flakes as well as white hexes & squares, and pink & white snowflakes! The snowflakes require a bit of fishing, but once again, totally worth it!

Check out Novel Nail Polish on Etsy, Instagram, & Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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